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The dos and don'ts of flu season

Getting sick.

There are a couple of reasons Labor Day seems to usher in an uptick in illness in most parts of this country. Children and adults returning from vacations into the close proximity of classrooms and offices unwittingly bring exotic viruses from afar into those confined spaces. And grandma was right: Colder temperatures do negatively impact the human immune system.

 Flu season

So what can you do to minimize your chances of falling ill this fall?

For answers, we turned to an expert: Mercedes R. Gallup, BSN, RN-BC, PHN, Board Certified in College Health. Mercedes is the Nursing and Clinical Support Unit Supervisor at the California State University at Northridge, which means she's spent many years working with thousands of students and faculty — trying to keep everyone well. Here are a few things she recommends you do — and don't do! — to stay healthy.

Do start well.

It sounds simple … and it is. People who enter the cold and flu season in good health are likelier to stay healthy, and those who do pick up a bug will recover more quickly and completely. Mercedes explains:

Fatigue, stress, a sedentary lifestyle, and poor diet all take a toll on the immune system. Stay well rested. Manage your stress through meditation and exercise, which will also help you keep physically fit enough to fight off any viruses you might encounter. Same goes for eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of.

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